A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining an eTA to Canada

If you’re planning to visit to Canada as a foreign national, it’s important to take note of these points:

1. What is eTA Canada?

eTa Canada
eTa Canada

An eTA is a document that authorizes eligible foreign nationals to enter a specific country provided they have a valid passport. An eTA Canada is an authorization to foreign nationals who are legible to travel to Canada provided they have a passport with validity as required by the Government of Canada.

2. Who requires an eTA ?

Foreign nationals who are visa-exempt going to Canada by air or passing through Canada need an eTA Canada. In other words, foreign nationals who are not required to carry a visa and are visiting to Canada are mandated to have an eTA. This requirement holds good only if you travel to Canada by air.

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3. How to get an eTA?

To get an eTA, you must apply for it online. You may visit our website and follow the procedural guidelines for the purpose. The application procedure for eTA Canada is easy and simple. You will get the application approved within a few minutes of the completion of the procedure. Be aware that if the authorities require additional proof documents, it may take a few days to process the application. Therefore, it makes sense if you apply for an eTA Canada well before your date of journey.

4. Important information

While filling in the application, read all these points carefully. The points will help you understand the terms and fill in the application accurately. The validity of eta: An eTA Canada is is valid for six years or until the expiry date of your passport. The date of validity determined by whichever comes first.

Duration of stay

An eTA to Canada authorizes you to stay in Canada for up to six months.

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Entry type

When you apply for an eTA, you’ll be issued a multiple-entry sort of visa. Thus, you can use one eTA several times provided it’s valid and you have a valid passport.

When you have to apply for it?

You can apply for an eTA at any time round the year. Of course, you should plan it properly and get the document well before your actual date of journey. This will help avoid the hassles and the resultant stress.

Do you have to print it?

Once your eTA application is approved, you’ll get an email in this regard along with an attachment of the eTA. There is no need of getting print of the document.

Passport validity

It’s important to note to make sure that your passport is valid for the entire period of your stay in Canada. Therefore, ensure your passport is valid during and beyond the period of your stay. This will help cover an unexpected period that you need to make proper arrangments before you apply for the visa.

Can you arrange your visa on arrival?

Note that it’s mandatory to have an eTA Canada as you reach Canada. To arrange your visa on arrival is not permissible.

Apply online for an eTA

Is it overstay possible?

You can stay in Canada as long as your eTA is valid along with a valid passport. Overstay is not permissible according to the existing rules.

Cost of the application procedure

You need to pay 49 euros as fees for the application procedure. It’s not refundable.

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